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By Lisa J. Baker, DDS
April 26, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Teeth Bleaching  

Wondering if it’s time to turn to your dentist for professional teeth bleaching?

Smiling offers a load of amazing benefits. It can boost your mood, reduce stress, and may even lower your blood pressure, but if you have a smile that’s yellow then you may not be smiling as often as you’d like. Our Bloomington, IN, family dentist, Dr. Lisa Baker, can help get you smiling again with professional teeth bleaching. Here are some of the advantages of turning to the pros for bleaching rather than trying to do it yourself.

Results are Nearly Instant

Over-the-counter teeth whitening is certainly not the fastest. Even if you are a stickler for using the whitening strips or trays every night, you may only see a slight difference in your smile after weeks of dedication.

Our in-office teeth bleaching treatment is the most effective way for our Bloomington, IN patients to get a whiter smile in under one hour. Stop trying whitening products from your local pharmacy and opt for the treatment you know will get you the results you want.

Professional Whitening is Safe

You may have heard that bleaching can damage and weaken your teeth, but this simply isn’t true. Oral bleaching agents can only change the color, not the structure of your teeth. Of course, if you are prone to tooth sensitivity then you may want to swap your at-home whitening for bleaching from our Bloomington, IN, dental professional, Dr. Baker.

If you already experience tooth sensitivity, you may be a bit wary to try whitening products, but don’t be. During your in-office teeth bleaching, Dr. Baker and her team will closely monitor you to make sure you are comfortable and not experiencing any sensitivity.

If you do experience sensitivity, we can change and tailor your treatment to make you more comfortable. We also protect gums from irritation by covering them during treatment. This is something at-home whitening just can’t offer.

It’s a Serious Confidence Booster

Who doesn’t want to show off a gorgeous set of radiant teeth? Smiling offers an array of health benefits, and if teeth whitening makes you smile more, then you’ll also notice a boost to your self-esteem and your overall wellbeing.

You’ll no longer have to worry that people are noticing your yellowing teeth instead of talking to you. Now you can flaunt that dazzling smile and feel amazing doing it. If you have an important event or occasion coming up, professional teeth whitening can help you look and feel better fast.

If you’ve tried commercial teeth bleaching products and they aren’t doing the trick, it might be time to turn to your Bloomington, IN, dentist for professional whitening. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Baker to find out if bleaching is right for you. Call us at (812) 332-2000.

By Lisa J. Baker, DDS
December 31, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Bleaching  

These days, achieving that youthful-looking, white, and radiant smile is easy because of the various options available to you. In stores, you can find an array of whitening toothpastes, trays, strips, and mouthwashes. But there’s a huge difference between these over-the-counter or OTC teeth whitening products and professional teeth whitening that only a dentist can provide.

Dr. Lisa Baker in Bloomington, IN, offers professional teeth bleaching solutions in our office and right in the comfort of your home abode. Find out below how you can benefit from professional teeth whitening.

Comfortable Bleaching Experience
With professional teeth whitening, whether at home or at the dentist's office, you’ll be provided with customized whitening trays that will fit your teeth snugly. This helps prevent the leakage of the bleaching product and avoid sensitivity and irritation. The trays that come with OTC whitening kits, on the other hand, are one-size-fits-all, which increases the risk of potential complications.

Thorough and Precise Whitening Effects
There are usually two types of issues going on when dealing with discolored and dull teeth: intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains are deeper stains, while extrinsic stains are surface stains that occur right in the teeth enamel. OTC whitening solutions are only capable of removing extrinsic stains, while professional teeth whitening is capable of eliminating both surface and deeper stains.

It’s crucial to point out, however, that some stains can’t be treated with professional whitening, such as stains that occur deeper inside the teeth. For these, your dentist may recommend crowns, bonding, or veneers.

Safe Bleaching Treatment
Besides sensitivity, OTC whitening products have been likewise known to result in damage and irritation to the oral tissues. Before proceeding with in-office teeth bleaching, however, your Bloomington, IN, dentist will perform a thorough inspection of your mouth.

This will help determine whether you need to undergo other treatments first to avoid worsening any underlying oral health problems. For instance, exposed tooth roots or failing dental fillings could cause significant issues when exposed to bleaching agents.

Faster Teeth Whitening Results
While OTC teeth whitening solutions show results, they’re usually not as radiant and could take up to many weeks or months to show significant whitening results. By contrast, professional teeth whitening can offer instant results and whitening effects that can range from subtly radiant to celebrity-white Hollywood smiles.

Speak to Us For More Questions or More Information About Professional Teeth Bleaching

Set a meeting with your Bloomington, IN, dentist Dr. Lisa Baker by calling (812) 332-2000.

By Lisa J. Baker, DDS
February 26, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Do you hate looking at photos of yourself because your teeth have become dull and yellow? Brightening your smile can be as easy as Bright White Smilemaking an appointment with your dentist. Thanks to teeth bleaching, offered by your Bloomington, IN, family dentist, Dr. Lisa Baker, your smile will be picture perfect once again.

How your teeth become dull

Teeth don't stay white for long if they're exposed to substances that can stain them. Exposure to tobacco or foods or beverages that contain dark pigments can make your teeth look dull and yellow. Foods and beverages most likely to stain teeth include coffee, tea, wine, soda, berries, ketchup, soy sauce, popsicles, sports drink, and brightly colored candies.

Although brushing is an excellent way to remove cavity-causing plaque from your teeth, it isn't quite as effective in getting rid of stains. The pigments that stain your teeth drift into microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. As more and more pigments are deposited in the pores, the duller your smile becomes.

Bleaching eliminates stains

Your Bloomington, IN, family dentist uses a whitening agent that contains hydrogen peroxide, a safe, powerful, and natural whitener. The hydrogen peroxide gel penetrates the pores in your enamel and bleaches stains away.

If you've ever tried whitening at home, you've probably noticed that hydrogen peroxide is also the active ingredient in over-the-counter whiteners. The products you can buy in stores and online contain much weaker formulations of the chemical compound. They may not be strong enough to produce the desired results or may require weeks or months of bleaching.

Professional teeth bleaching only takes about an hour. After the gel is removed from your teeth, your teeth will be three to eight shades lighter. Bleaching results can keep your smile bright and white for as long as five years.

Your safety and comfort is your dentist's priority

Sensitivity can be an issue during whitening. Your dentist uses a special gel to protect your roots and gums during your session and also places retractors in your mouth to hold your cheeks and lips away from your teeth. If you've experienced sensitivity in the past, she can choose the ideal hydrogen peroxide strength to prevent sensitivity.

Are you ready to brighten your smile with teeth bleaching? Call your Bloomington, IN, family dentist, Dr. Lisa Baker, at (812) 332-2000 to schedule your appointment.