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April 10, 2020
Category: Dental
Tags: Smile  

How Invisalign from your dentist in Bloomington, IN, can improve your smile

Would you like to acquire a straighter smile through discreet and comfortable means? This can be achieved with the help of Invisalign, a state-of-the-art way to obtain a straight, beautiful smile with custom-made, completely transparent aligners. Dr. Lisa J. Baker in Bloomington, IN, offers comprehensive dental care services, including Invisalign orthodontic treatment to improve your smile—read on to learn more!

What Invisalign Can Do For You

Invisalign works differently than conventional orthodontics. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a system of clear plastic trays, known as aligners. You begin your Invisalign treatment by wearing your first set of aligners for two weeks before moving on to a new set of aligners, which you also wear for two weeks. This pattern repeats until your treatment is complete. You will also visit Dr. Baker every few weeks so she can monitor your progress.

Invisalign offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Nearly invisible treatment, because the aligners are clear and very difficult to notice; all that people will notice is your beautiful smile.
  • Quick results, because Invisalign takes an average of nine to fifteen months to complete; you can have a straight smile quickly and easily.
  • Great oral health, because you can remove the aligners to brush and floss; this makes it easy to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.
  • Convenience, because you can also remove the aligners when you eat; this makes it easy to continue enjoying the foods you love.

Invisalign is the perfect choice to correct an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite. You can also close gaps between your teeth, and correct tooth rotation/crowding with Invisalign.

If you want to have a straighter smile on your terms, you want Invisalign! To learn more about the benefits of Invisalign or the Invisalign process, itself, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Lisa J. Baker in Bloomington, IN, at (812) 332-2000.

By Lisa J. Baker, DDS
July 19, 2019
Category: Dental

I think we can all agree that it’s much easier to implement proper preventive care measures every day to reduce your risk for decay and gum disease rather than just waiting to treat the problem once it happens. According to the CDC, approximately one in four American adults have untreated tooth decay. Here’s why everyone can benefit from visiting our Bloomington, IN, family dentist Dr. Lisa Baker every six months for cleanings and dental checkups:

Prevent Oral Health Problems

This is the number one reason everyone, no matter how healthy they are, should visit a dentist twice a year. Even those patients who are thorough brushers and avid flossers can still miss spots, leaving plaque and tartar to buildup. If you don’t have plaque and tartar removed this can lead to decay and gum disease. While tartar cannot be removed with an at-home toothbrush, our Bloomington, IN, dental team has the right tools to remove it.

Early Detection

While the goal is always to enforce proper at-home oral care and positive habits to keep teeth and gums healthy, we know that sometimes problems still occur. Since many problems, particularly gum disease, don’t always cause symptoms many people may have serious oral health issues brewing that they don’t even know is happening. By coming in every six months we can pinpoint decay and other issues early on when they can either be reversed or properly managed without complications.

Screen for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is another problem that may not always present with obvious symptoms or signs. Of course, our dental team knows exactly what to look for to detect suspicious growths, lesions and changes in tissue that you might overlook. An oral cancer screening is the most effective tool that we have for the early detection of oral cancer. This painless physical exam screening is performed during each checkup, only takes a minute to complete and could just save your life.

Is it time to schedule cleanings for the whole family? No matter when you last visited the dentist, it’s never too late to create a long, trusting relationship with Dr. Baker in Bloomington, IN, that will put you and your family’s needs first. Call our dental office at (812) 332-2000 today to schedule your next checkup!